Sidewise window automatically resizes itself on restore from taskbar to about 500pixels width. Cannot make width changes sticky after update.

Don Johnson 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1
Maximize works properly and keeps the Sidewise width, but as soon as you minimize it and restore either the chome window or the sidewise window, it resets to close to 500 pixels wide (1/4 of a 1080P monitor width.) and extends it off the side of the screen.

Dual monitors on a laptop. Tried redetecting monitors, Tried resetting defaults, and everything short of uninstalling it.

It's going to force me to remove it.
Just found the "Sidebar target width" parameter under advanced options and deleted the value there. Opened sidewise, and the width was normal. Rechecked the option and it had a value of 275. Minimized and maximuized the chrome window, and it was again too large. Looked at the value in the options and it had been reset to 610. That is where it keeps resetting to obviously. Please search for this value hardcoded in your code somewhere!