It would be nice to export/import the tabs in a window to a text based format.

Patrick Oliveras 10 ár síðan updated by Pysis 8 ár síðan 1
A kind of basic compatibility to allow for integration, automation and other user defined functionality.
It may even allow for faster and vaster feature testing!

In my opinion, you're making the best tab manager out there, mainly because of the problems you're focusing on.

It should already have a Import/Export functionality when going to the extension's Settings/Options page, clicking "Reveal advanced options", and using the self-explanatory buttons there. It should output JSON, which is also useful and can be manipulated, for instance, to compress the page tree contents to just unstructured plain text, possibly by using command line programs such as jq or jsontool.

You may see this explained here: Sidewise is great - looking for a way to backup & transfer

Beware of some bugs, such as these: