Import Failures on Version 2017.2.12.0

David Kirk il y a 4 ans mis à jour par Michael Videlgauz il y a 3 ans 2

I am getting an error when trying to import any Sidewise config export.

A pop-up opens and says: "There was a problem importing the data. Unexpected token u in JSON at position 1464." as well as a long dump of errors.

How to duplicate:

  1. Install Sidewise.
  2. Open a single tab for google.com.
  3. Click Sidewise gear.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Sidewise Options and click Export.
  5. Click Import and paste what you just exported.

I just downloaded and installed sidewise and I am unable to import the data from my old PC.

I also cannot copy&paste the error. So I have made screenshots of the begin and end of the error and wil try to upload them here. I am also offering to share my text data to developers but not publicly. just ask me at  klaus@programmfabrik.de

Had exactly the same problem and found the following workaround:

1. Paste the exported string into a text editor

2. Find the first occurrence of the word "function". There will be several of them one after another looking like this: "key": function key() { [native code] },"getItem": function getItem() { [native code] }, etc.

3. Remove all of them - they don't look like valid JSON parts (and also do not pass JSON validators that you can easily find online)

4. After the invalid JSON part is removed, second attempt to import the string will also fail due to another problem: immediately before 1st invalid entry (with "function" word which you removed), there is the entry '"length": 43' (in your case 43 can be different number probably). While it is valid JSON entry, it cannot be imported because "length" is RO property. So remove this entry also.

After those 2 corrections, my string was imported successfully. I don't know what those settings mean but I didn't mention any problems after restoring Sidewise settings on 2nd PC (except those reported here by other people and not related to export/import)