export to the interent to synchronize tabs multiple browsers

andry wolf 7 years ago updated by Metacore 7 years ago 1
Thank you! good extension!
Have exported to a file but do not export to the interent
to synchronize tabs multiple browsers on different computers.

I for myself have finalized and implemented an extension function to export all settings and tabs in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet, and import them back into the expansion of https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet
If anyone is interested please contact us by e-mail: aowolfao@gmail.com or share examples show modifying extension will be glad to cooperate with the developer

I've been waiting for this to be implemented in the extension, using any kind of storage(I figured bookmarks would have made more sense. Sidewise is basically a really good bookmark manager that integrates with tabbed browsing really well, and they are already synced by Chrome). A google sheet works pretty well too, just a setting to automatically import on startup and export on shutdown would basically automate the whole thing. Thanks for making this, I'll be sure to send over an email, hopefully the developer implements something like this soon.