This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.
Joel Thornton 4 years ago

This should be fixed in today's release.


periodic http authorization on hibernated tabs

Justin Johnson 4 years ago 0

Kind of a weird bug - 

Basically, periodically, sidewise attempts to authorize http sessions with hibernated tabs - 

As I work with an enormous amount of equipment, this occasionally results in several hundred routers, none of which I am interested in dealing with at the moment, simultaneously spamming me with authorization requests.

I suspect that this may be connected to Chrome losing internet connectivity, but I have not confirmed this.

It's also important to note that the HTTP auth attempts come up as a sub-focused window of the sidewise tab, not of the main chrome screen - not sure if that helps track it down or not.


When hibernating last window: new window instead of new tab

Hans Müller-Maier 3 years ago 0
First of all thanks for the great work!
I always try to either only keep temporary tabs in the same window or tabs that are connected to each other. So when hibernating the last open window I wouldn't want sidewise to open a new tab in the same window in order to prevent chrome from closing, but rather to open a new window (with a new tab of course), so that the window I hibernated stays as is.

Sidewise window automatically resizes itself on restore from taskbar to about 500pixels width. Cannot make width changes sticky after update.

Don Johnson 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1
Maximize works properly and keeps the Sidewise width, but as soon as you minimize it and restore either the chome window or the sidewise window, it resets to close to 500 pixels wide (1/4 of a 1080P monitor width.) and extends it off the side of the screen.

Dual monitors on a laptop. Tried redetecting monitors, Tried resetting defaults, and everything short of uninstalling it.

It's going to force me to remove it.

Docking oddities

ThomasMcA 4 years ago 0
Sidewise doesn't dock properly on 64bit Linux. It always leaves blank space on one side of its window (sometimes both sides). If I move it to the left edge of the screen, then grab the left edge of Chrome to drag it left towards Sidewise, Sidewise detaches itself from the left side of the window, leaving white space on one or both sides of the Sidewise window, and does not attach to the Chrome window.

Suggestion: allow users to move tabs to a window by right clicking and selecting a window name from a drop-down menu

Okay OK 4 years ago 0
I move tabs around a lot and need this function. 

The ability to hide the toolbar would be nice.

Danny Peck 4 years ago 0
I don't use these buttons. An option to hide and reduce that visual noise would be nice.

Reproducible crashes on specific websites

Cleroth 5 years ago • updated by Stavin Carrien 3 months ago 6

Sidewise keeps crashing while using some websites. One of the culprits is:

Everytime I open any page on the MSDN website, Sidewise either crashes immediately, or shortly after. Hibernating the MSDN tab and then waking it crashes 100% of the time.

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

  • Add the video-driver-causing-crash issue/solution to the upcoming FAQ
  • Look for additional ways of reliably acquiring the correct favicon for sites like


How to raise window on tab select (or double-click, or right-click)

Daniel LaLiberte 5 years ago 0

I can find no way to get the window containing a tab to be raised (displayed, exposed, unminized) by sidewise, other then selecting the window row itself.  I want to do it from the tab row because I often have many tabs in each window, and sometimes the window row is far away.


Chrome fullscreen view on multi-monitor is fab!

dsl101 5 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 5 years ago 0

Just realised I can get a cleaner look by putting Chrome in full-screen mode - when on the right hand monitor, sidewise sits on the right-hand edge of the left monitor, and gives loads of browser space, plus easy access to tabs.

Now, if sidewise could replicate the bookmark and/or toolbar from Chrome, there'd be no need to have the chrome window at all!

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

Glad you have found a way that works well for you.

A bookmarks sidebar pane is definitely on the todo list, though replicating Chrome's own bookmark-bar probably won't happen.